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Help! Evernote continues to auto log me out. How do I keep my evernote logged in with no interuptions?

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I love Evernote, but auto logging me out once or twice a week is absolutely annoying.  How do i fix this?  I don't want to be auto logged out at all.  I need to renter my email and password every time.  Help!  Imagine having to do this 50+ times every year.

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I am sorry for not being more specific.  I am being logged out on the Scannable app on my iphone.  I use this app to scan all my documents and it will auto log me out about once a week.  There is no over ride on the settings tab.  What can I do so that I stay logged in?

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Personally I have no problem with my Scannable account, it stays logged in.

However there have been other reports in the forum about this logout problem.

The only advise is to log out in Scannable, uninstall Scannable, then revoke the access of Scannable in the EN account settings. The access is per device. Then restart everything, reinstall Scannable and connect it fresh.

If this does not work, contact EN support.

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