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Evernote Backups in an Enterprise

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I work for an MSP and have a client that uses Evernote for everyone in the company and believe the version is Teams.  Each user database is typically around 10GB and there are 30+ users in the company.

Their compliance team has identified Evernote data as business critical and is requiring a 3rd party backup of the data to some alternative location.   We do the same for other online clould services (example Office 365 and Sharepoint) and use 3rd party services to sync this data into AWS S3 daily.  I cannot however find any services that support evernote.

if there a way to do this? I tried automating a backup of the local .evx files to an online location but as the files are so big they take a long time to copy and failure rates are high.

Thank you!

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Hi.  This is a - mainly - individual user-supported Forum with (AFAIK) only a few Teams subscribers.  Any backup suggestions we can offer might not reassure your professional Compliance team.  You really need to speak to Business support on this - https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new

I also see CustomerSuccess@evernote.com as a possible contact...

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