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Options to color or otherwise call attention to particular notebooks



I find that when I'm looking for a particular notebook or stack I keep staring at the one I'm looking for but don't realize it.  I'd love the ability to somehow make a couple of them stand out from the rest.  Maybe font color, or the ability to chose the notebook icon from a small EN selection of approved icons? Thanks.

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Did it on my Mac, by just using the standard Mac soft keyboard, emojis section. I copied the symbol into the notebook name.

It displays on Windows as well, but the icons look a bit different.

One downside: It will change the sorting sequence, since each icon is in fact a character and has its own sorting sequence.

As an alternative you can place notebooks in the "Shortcuts" section. Click on Notebooks to show the notebook view, then on the 3 dots at the end of the line. From the dropdown menu choose "Set as shortcut". It will show in the list of shortcuts in the left panel. You can jump to shortcut number 1-9 by typing ctrl / cmd - number , the number being from 1 to 9. This is as fast as it gets to go to a few notebooks or notes.

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I'd like to switch to Mac at work, but company IT gets to choose the hardware...  :(

Just verified it works in windows EN.  I use the shortcuts for my frequent use notebooks, just trying to visually denote a few stacks/notebooks that I keep overlooking....thanks for the assist.

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I can't tell you how many notes I have but in the wrong notebooks because the usablity alerting user to where notes are going is so poor.  Color to banner of note or background or even highlighting the notebook currently selected VERY obviously would be a GREAT way to do so and hopefully not a big ask?  Thanks...great idea.

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