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Bring Spaces to non-Teams subscriptions



My use case is as follows: I'd like to separate out my workspace from my wife as well as from my work. I'm sure there are other subdivisions I could do. But I don't want to clutter her workspace with my information she doesn't care about. And it helps me focus when there is less clutter. Craft and Nimbus both have good examples of this. Also, allow for notes to be moved from one workspace to another, i.e. my wife hands off a note to me to take care of or vice versa. Also, for those of us with a significant amount of notes, we'd need to be able to drag a bunch of notes at once and move them to a space. Or do a bulk action instead. Either way works for me. And this would be available across all platforms.




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If you want to work like with a Teams account with your wife, there is a simple solution: Get a teams account. The minimum required is 2 users, so you would qualify.

My wife and I do it differently: Each of us has its own Personal account. We have some notebooks we shared to each other, and we have one notebook for jointly used documents. The rest of the accounts is kept separate.

You can set it up with one Subscription and one Free account as well - it depends on what each one needs to support the use cases.

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What I'm reacting to is that I'm the oddball who went away from Evernote, started using Craft, trying Nimbus, etc. I settled on Craft as i liked embedding notes inside of notes and folders inside of folders and separate workspaces for my Home, Work and Family where Family is what my wife and I shared. I didn't pay any extra for that feature and I had it all available on every device. I will admit that I'm not always a fan of block type editors but I got used to it. 

So what made me come back to Evernote? My wife. She didn't like Craft because it wasn't familiar. I'd gotten her used to using Evernote for so many years that it's where she stores her recipes and other references. She'll probably never use the Tasks or the Home w/Widgets etc. Speaking of which I'd like to have an iOS widget set beyond me just clicking on an icon to bring up Evernote, and the very small set of actions in Shortcuts. 

I'm not going to pay for Teams for 2 people as it's way more money than I need to spend to get the functionality I really need, workspaces. The free account won't work for her due to the small amount of uploads allowed per month. So we'll probably just have our separate Stacks for myself and her and my work and that will be that way until Workspaces make it to Evernote for the rest of us.

That being said, I do like the editor on Evernote, and maybe some of my fantasies of the rewrite will come true. Now features can, for the most part, exist on all platforms with one codebase. Otherwise I think Craft and others will eventually takeover if they haven't already, which would be sad as I do like Evernote as a company. I'm just not sure what killer feature or set of features will help. 

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