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Doing searches on ios v10

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When I do a search for "Yelp" on ios EN v10 I see that there are some "magnifying glass" options that appear as I type the search term.  For example, right underneath the search bar I see two magnifying glasses "yelp reviews" and "yelp rev".  After that, there is a section labelled "GoTo" in which there are two note icons "Yelp rebuttal" and "Yelp complaints".  I routinely ignore all of these suggestions and simply hit Search so as to get the entire search results.  Nonetheless, I would like to know more about why EN is suggesting those things in particular and what it means.   For example, I have 10 notes with the word Yelp but only two of them have the word "Yelp" in the title.  Is this why those two notes popped up in the Go To section?  I do not have any notes called "Yelp reviews" or "Yelp rev" so I can only assume that EN is remembering some type of search that I must have performed at some point.  

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The postings below the search field are proposals, selected dynamically by EN to speed up entering search strings.

They are based on your last searches, frequently used notes and the last filters utilized. While you type the search string they continuously change to keep up with the search string typed in. When you see what you want to type, you need to tap/click on it to make it the active search.

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