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Picture cannot show on android phone

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I had changed to samsung S21 ultra on December.

On new evernote, my old note that created before cannot show the pictures. Like the screenshot.

I tried to download the whole note but in vain. I had re-inserted Evernote, and some of the pictures showed, but some were not. I can see the pictures on evernote web, on computor, but only failure on the phone , how can i do?


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If the phone is new, It probably has not downloaded everything. Because memory on mobile is usually shorter than on desktops, EN says it will only download by default what was created with the device. Everything else will download on demand. If they would follow a different strategy, EN would block several GB of the phones memory with its database.

If you want it all, enable the offline download of selected or all notebooks. You find the switch in the app settings, tab notebooks.

The initial download can take quite a while. On iOS I could advise how to do it in one go - not sure how this works on Android.

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There was a problem with images being saved with the wrong file type extension (a jpeg would be saved as image.png for example). You can try downloading the image and checking with whatever-software-is-available-for-your-operating-system-of-choice if this is the case here 

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