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Difficulties getting ScanSnap Cloud to work (with EN)

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I've been using my Fujitsu ix500 for many years with EN without problems. Since early December I have been unable to scan wirelessly to EN. There seems to be some problem with the ScanSnap Scan to Cloud service. Has anybody else been experiencing similar problems? I have checked trying the Scan to Cloud service to scan to Dropbox and that doesn't work either. 

My setup:

Windows 11

Latest versions of ScanSnap and Evernote

Wifi connection successful - no errors showing on scanner

Permission between ScanSnap and EN in place. 

Registered user of Scan Snap

ScanSnap detects all of my folder in EN (I can see them when I select my default folder in EN to scan to) so the connection must be there.

Yet despite this the scanner refuses to scan to cloud. I just get a blue flashing light on the scanner (standby). I can scan no problem to a local folder using either a USB cable or wifi so the scanner works. It just seems to be a problem with the Scan to Cloud feature, for me anyway.

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THere have been updates to the ScanSnap Cloud service in December. I received Email warnings but ignored them as I use ScanSnap Manager.  I'd go to ScanSnap and be sure you have the latest Cloud software.

Also noting you have Windows 11. Who knows what problems a new OS might have created.

SInce you have problems with Dropbox as well I think you need help from ScanSnap.

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Thank you both for your replies and happy new year to you!

I have reinstalled Scan Snap completely to no avail but maybe I'll try to reinstall the EN Windows app. 

I'll try Scan Snap Cloud on my phone also. When installing Scan Snap on my laptop I declined using the mobile phone scanning option. I'll go that route to see if it frees up anything.

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OK, I got it working eventually. I'm not sure if it was configuring the scansnap to scan to mobile or reinstalling Evernote. If anyone is having similar problems I suspect its the latter. 

Having done that I went to Scan Snap Home (the app on my PC) I selected LOCAL MODE and configured a new profile for Evernote. 

Note, I can no longer get the cloud mode in Scan Snap to work for Evernote. This was the method I had followed up to now based on readily available advice on the internet. 

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I had just encountered similar problem this evening. I previously unplugged my ScanSnap Evernote Edition Scanner and put it aside to make some room for other things for three to four months. This evening, I plugged the scanner back and it did not let me scan. I had to re-connect the cable and re-configure the WIFI connection between my laptop (MacBook Pro) and the scanner, but still, I could not access to the ScanSnap Cloud using the ScanSnap Home software. It kept saying "failed to access ScanSnap Cloud". I ended up scanning my documents to my laptop ScanSnap folder and importing them manually into the Evernote.

Then I saw this post. After reading all your suggestions (Thanks, everyone!), I installed the mobile version of ScanSnap onto my iPad, signed in, took a picture as a test, and the photo was uploaded to my linked Evernote. Then I went back to my laptop to try the ScanSnap cloud. This time, it asked me to connect the scanner with the cable. After I connected the scanner and the laptop with the cable, I was able to connect to the ScanSnap Cloud.

Not sure it was the server problem on the ScanSnap side or something on my side, but it seems working fine now (after four hours of struggling).

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@HFC The Scan Snap Evernote Edition scanners are deprecated by Fujitsu. The firmware will not be updated any longer, and it has not been updated for quite a while. It falls back in its usability - see the table in the help document.

So it may continue to work, but I would not count on it.

The "Edition" Scanners can be converted to standard Fujitsu scanners. It is done by overwriting the firmware. The conversion can not be reversed. But it probably extends the time the scanner can be used significantly.


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