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Can you help us to help you? Where did you click on the Upgrade link? How did you pay last year? (Credit card or Google Play/iOS store). Are you able to access your account and see your notes? If your subscription expires then you will now be on the Free tier with its standard limitations. If your plan is about to expire then you should log into your account settings and follow the menus to upgrade to the next level. If you have expired then just take a new subscription for the tier of your choice.

If you originally paid through one of the app stores then you need to negotiate their systems to upgrade. My advice, pay  direct if you are able. It seems to be more flexible and easier to amend.

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Personally I prefer to subscribe via iTunes. This are my reasons:

  1. It allows to cancel every new subscription within of 14days after subscribing (even if the provider officially does not allow for it).
  2. I get a reminder 4 weeks before a subscription is due, and I can control my subscriptions in one place.
  3.  I do not need to handle different credit cards or payment methods - everything is handled through my iCloud account. No risk of missing a payment because a seldom used credit card has expired.
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