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(Archived) Feature Request: link to contacts within notes


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I would like to be able to link to one or more contacts in my address book within a note, so if the note is about a particular person, I can jump straight to their contact from the note.

It could be either attached much like an image, document or sound clip , or it could be just a hyperlink within the note that opens the contact.


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Nice idea, but not quite as simple as it sounds.

If you create an attachment, it won't get updated when the contact details change (but on the good side, it will sync to other platforms OK).

If you link to the contact so that you've always got up-to-date information and it's not duplicated (which seems like a good idea to me), syncing it so that there's a link to the same contact regardless of platform (Android / Windows / Mac / iOS / Web / Symbian, etc.) is presumably non-trivial.

Actually, I wish Google would get their act together and connect Google contacts with Google Calendar (i.e. link calendar appointments with a particular person to google contact entry and vice-versa). At least THAT would all be under Google's control. Not that it's relevant here, of course.


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