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Webclipper extension on chrome- 2 different issues

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I am not tech savvy.

I have been using Evernote for the last 10 years without any issues.

I recently had to reformat my computer, now have MacOS Catalina, also got the latest version of Evernote.

The chrome extension places an Icon on the Chrome taskbar for opening Web Clipper.  My problem is the Web clipper. I downloaded the extension for chrome but the icon is not displayed on the browser so I cannot save articles or notes from the web. What am I not doing correctly? I did this a couple of times but still don't seem to get the web clipper as is described in all the web clipper user videos.  I only see this icon, please see attached picture, but not the actual icon for the most useful Web clipper. How do I get the clipper working for this computer?

The web clipper icon on the top next to the flag (picture attached) is mainly for taking notes and if I clip something it automatically goes directly to Evernote. This is a feature that I don't like compared to the older version, where I could do many clips and then choose to save it the Desktop version. Is there a way to adjust how this quick note functions?2143503094_ScreenShot2021-12-25at7_01_56AM.png.c8157ce0b9e1f0f866b364b6c37099f8.png2143503094_ScreenShot2021-12-25at7_01_56AM.png.c8157ce0b9e1f0f866b364b6c37099f8.png

Screen Shot 2021-12-25 at 6.52.43 AM.png

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Hi.  There seem to be some issues with Clipper in the latest version of Chrome (which updates rather frequently). There are other posts in the forums here - 

-and "Is there a way to adjust how this quick note functions?" - not that I'm aware of...

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What's happened to Web Clipper? All it offers is the ability to write a note. I can do THAT by starting a note. I want to clip articles from the Internet - and be able to adapt them. What's wrong? I've tried reinstalling both Chrome and Safari versions. NOTHING WORKS! HELP! BEFORE DECEMBER 30th. HELPPP!!!

Image 12-29-21 at 3.27 PM.jpg

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There is a difference between the screen clipper - last of the the icons at the bottom of the scratchpad and the web clipper - the browser plug-in/add-on installed in the browser from the add-on/plug-in library for the browser.

I understand that there have been issues with the plug-in/add-on for chromium based browsers.

You are clearly using the Mac desktop since the scratchpad is subtly different on Windows. But it works for me well enough. You can also use the associated keyboard shortcut to reduce the number of clicks.

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I concur with what @agsteele was writing.

This little window is not the web clipper, it is called the EN Helper. You can decide to have it start with the app (with legacy it could be autostarted with the computer).

On the Mac it is located in the top menu bar. It offers a quick note field to jot down any idea without opening the app, plus 3 screen clipping options.

The web clipper is a browser extension. On the Mac for Safari you get it from the AppStore. Install it, log it into your EN account in WebClipper settings and you are good to go.

Works with other browsers as well, but you need to get it from the extensions shop of the respective browser. The AppStore version only works with Safari. It needs to be installed and authorized on each browser again.

Sometimes clipping works better for a specific website with one browser than the other. I keep Safari and Firefox installed, complete with the web clipper extension, to have a choice.

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Thanks for the help. But I'm clicking on the elephant - isn't that the Clipper? I know how to use the icons at the bottom of the Quick Note - but am trying to figure out how to get the Web Clipper (with many other options when clipping, in particular, being able to clip a whole article online) with a screen that looks like this one below. 

Screen Shot 2021-12-30 at 5.05.31 PM.png

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OK. Your previous post showed three EN Helper with the buttons to screenshot but you were talking about the Web Clipper which you have now shown. :)

I haven't followed the problems that emerged with the Web Clipper for Chrome. You may find more information on the Web Clipper area. But there was an issue reported and acknowledged before Christmas.

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The EN Helper is in the Macs menu bar, at the top of the screen. What you are looking for is the WebClipper.

To find it you need to open the browser. If you use Chrome, this one, if it is Safari, then Safari, or Firefox, or whatever browser you use. Open a website. Beside the web site address (URL, like thiswebsite.com) you should see some icons. Is the green elephant symbol among them ?

Fine, that is the WebClipper. Click it, and you see the same like in your last post.

Not there ? Then you need to install it.

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