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Evernote for ipad - web clip margins

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I am using Evernote for ipad (safari), but when I clip an article, the clipped article in Evernote has very narrow margins.  How do i get the clipped article to be formatted to fit the full width of the page?

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This is a known and still not resolved bug. It seems it cuts it down the web clips to the width of a mobile screen in portrait mode.

The only way around it is currently to simplify the clip, by clicking on it and then selecting the magic wand.

This will convert the clip into something like reader mode in a browser. All content, but a simple format. Hint: Once converted it can’t be converted back again.

To make EN aware there is still a fix pending you could issue a support ticket.

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Thank you for your reply.  I will issue a support ticket.   One more question - I don't see the "magic wand"...any tips as to how to find it?  I read another post that said if you click on the top of the clipping that the magic wand would appear, but I don't see it...

thank you again.



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I submitted a ticket as well. I've stopped using my iPad for meetings--and I bought it for meetings--because the iOS Evernote has this problem and sync failures. I carry my laptop into meetings again. I'm running version 7.14 on MacBook pro and iMac. That version works.

When I have to convert a note and cannot convert it back, I always duplicate the note and convert the copy.

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Forgot to add a tip. Then change alway to always.
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