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Evernote login down

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Is anyone else experiencing this? December 24, 2021, starting around 5:00 pm Eastern US, evernote.com is accessible, forums are accessible, but https://www.evernote.com/Login.action is not accessible. I cannot log in on the Web, and the Windows app can't sync. But the Android app logs in and syncs successfully. I can't even log in to support to report it there. Hopefully a very temporary glitch, but so far it's lasted 15-20 minutes.

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Hi Dave, did you check here ?

Just took a look: No irregularities reported since Dec 17th.

Maybe a network issue. This could explain why the phone still syncs, and the other devices not. The phone may fall back to the mobile network if the regular WiFi & internet is down. The mobile network uses a completely different routing, maybe circumventing a failure that has occurred in the landline with your ISP.

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