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Web Clipper button "grayed" out and non-functional in Safari toolbar

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I am unable to get Web Clipper to work in Safari (13.1.2).  I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Evernote Web Clipper, and Evernote.  The toolbar button is just "grayed" all the time and does not respond. It works fine in Chrome. Any suggestions?

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Any reason you use a completely outdated version of Safari ?

Maybe (just a thought) EN needs to keep updating WebClipper, because Safari is making it hard for extensions to work that are not following the security measures implemented in Safari all of the time.

Maybe installing an older version of the WebClipper could help.

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I'm having the exact same issue as @DavidH73. Web Clipper is greyed out in Safari 13.1.2 toolbar. No change with disable/ reenable. No change with delete/ reinstall. 

Mac App Store says Evernote Web Clipper 7.18.0, released 15 December 2021, is compatible with macOS 10.12 or newer. I would hope that means Safari extension is compatible with all versions of Safari since macOS 10.12 release. 

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The web clipper team has, historically, been proactive in resolving browser integrations. Typically fixes arrive within two or three weeks. Whilst the browser Devs work on a monthly update schedule so the web clipper does, from to time, break.

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Hi, I also have exactly the same problem. I have an old 2011 iMac using OS High Sierra 10.13.6, Safari 13.1.2 and Web Clipper 7.18.0.

The Web Clipper toolbar button is 'greyed out'. It has been like this for a couple of months where I have been unable to use Web Clipper.

I have successfully uninstalled and re-installed Web Clipper, but to no avail.

This is most annoying, as Web Clipper is such a useful tool (in the past).

Is this a known problem ? and will/would/could this problem be resolved by the dev's team next update ?

Any info/update would be most appreciated.

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Hi PinkElephant,

Yup, I had already checked that the extension is ticked. Unchecking the box removes the WebClipper toolbar button from Safari, selecting it brings the toolbar back, but still in it's 'greyed out' state. 

I then shut down Safari, removed the WebClipper app to the trash. Reloaded Safari and checked to see that the WebClipper extension was removed from Safari/Preferences/Extensions, and it was gone.

I re-installed WebClipper, started Safari, and checked that the WebClipper extension was there, it was. I checked the tick box, and the WebClipper extension popped up in the toolbar, but it is still 'greyed out'. I shut down Safari and restarted it, but the WebClipper toolbar icon is still 'greyed out'.

I am not sure what to do next. Any ideas most appreciated.

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So now its February 2022 and this issue is still around. Which three browsers dominate the market. Safari, Chrome and Firefox. Is it too much to ask for Evernote to keep their products up to date on these browsers so as users we get what we paid for.

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You have an individual problem that you should not generalize. 

Why is it so ? Because my WebClipper is working just fine on Safari, never stopped doing so in the last months. So I doubt there is a general problem with the web clipper, it is more an individual issue. No idea where it is rooted in your case.

Keeping things up to date might help: MacOS 12.2, Safari 15.3, WebClipper 7.19.

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I'm having a similar problem. I have current Safari and web clipper. Have uninstalled and reinstalled. Clicking on the web clipper button only functions on pages of the evernote web version. Won't work on any other websites.


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4 hours ago, Anaïs792 said:

Same problem : evernote web clipper icon greyed and unusable.... What a pity !

You shouldn‘t pity your fate - web clipper works for others (like me), so it is possible to install and use it. The options to fix a bad install has been mentioned above.

If you still need help, post your system setup, like MacOS, Safari and WebClipper versions.

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Well, you are using a deprecated OS and browser software (even if it works for yourself), so you can't expect every piece of software to be backwards compatible ad infinitum.

My Macs are now all on Ventura, Safari 16.1 and WebClipper 7.28, and I can confirm clipping is working fine.

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I am using Ventura on a MacMini M1 , Safari 16.1, EN WebClipper works like a charm.

You should mention that you are using beta-software (Safari 16.2, probably in conjunction with a beta release of MacOS), at your own risk, and that malfunctions of any kind are to be expected.

If you want to contact EN about it, issue a support ticket.

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