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Real Chrome OS version



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Correct, the Android version sucks, but I use web version on my Chromebook and it’s virtually indistinguishable from the app on a Windows machine, to me, in everyday use.

For me, the web version is one of the best versions of the new layout.

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I use the web version too.  What I don't like about it is the login takes forever and I'm logged out if I walk away for 3 minutes.   Plus, there are times when I'm disconnected and would like to use the client version when I'm disconnected.   

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This is the wrong place for this discussion - EN Teams is the business solution provided by EN for a group of people.

Personally I doubt EN will deliver a Chromebook client any time soon. They are working on a Linux client currently, it is in beta since quite a while. I don't expect them to enter into yet another client development while the Linux version is not yet released.

If they will do it at all - Chromebook are meant to run on online services, and it sets the current desktop clients apart that they all install and maintain a local database. So most likely EN will decide that the much improved web client is the way to use EN on a Chromebook. I could be wrong on that evaluation, but I doubt it.

To contact EN directly about it, use the feedback function or issue a support ticket.

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