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Widget issue on Android - Action Bar Size/Number of Widgets

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I've changed phones recently from a Huawei P20 Pro on Android 9 to a Google Pixel 6 Pro running Android 12 and I'm disappointed with the widget options on the new device compared to the old.

I previously had 3 widgets - a 1x1 action shortcut, a 4x2 List and a 4x1 Action Bar. 

Now on the new device I have only the 1x1 shortcut and now a 3x2 Action Bar, which when placed sits midway between the '2' spaces on the screen. 

I'd really like to have the 4x1 widget back to fit in the top row in the screenshot attached. 


From some browsing online it seems like there's a variety of widgets that people have, so does it just depend on android version? Is there any way to edit the action bar at all that I may be missing? Failing that what's the likelihood of Evernote adjusting the 3x2 widget, because it really doesn't make sense at all for the action bar to be 2 tall - the bar itself is 1 tall surrounded by empty space.



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