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PDF exporter that is not absolutely t***h



I have the feeling that your pdf exporter is on purpose bad to trap people in your ecosystem and force them to use evernote. It is so bad that there can't be any other reason for me.

There are many people I could have convinced to use evernote, couldn't and even now I have to switch to other programs. Thanks. This "apple" approach really doesn't help you here to make money, so please get more open and do things user want since this is the only real substainable way to fill your pockets.

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LOL - a bad notification tool as a method to trap people.

You will make a ton of money if this concept prevails as the new marketing method.

The tool is pretty old, it is similar to the Skitch app available from EN on Apple products. It is not the best tool available, but it is there to be used. If you want better options, use an external tool. On the Mac, if you select a pdf and then hit on open in the little menu, it opens directly in the "Preview App". On closing the window it saves back into the original note.

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