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Editing list of words learned by the spellchecker/Unlearning learned words

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In notes, I accidentally clicked "learn spelling" on a misspelled foreign word. Is there any way to edit the list of learned words, or remove an already learned word? (If I make the same spelling mistake on this foreign word in the future, it would be nice if Evernote caught it instead of counting it as one of its "learned words")

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I found a file called "Custom Dictionary.txt" in the folder "C:\Users\Scott Willy\AppData\Roaming\Evernote\Partitions\user%3A2109436\".  The file looked to have words which I added.

I see EN is using the same user unfriendly way to keep you from editing the file directly. The have added a checksum (e.g. checksum_v1 = 29a12138c71d45e1e76d37a06517b0a8). EN V8 did the same thing. In this version I used to utility to calculate the checksum over the words in the file. No idea if the same trick will work, but maybe worth a try.

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Thanks, PinkElephant! I'll try to take it to support (although the process to do that with a free account on the Help & Learning website was not very clear to me). At least it's nice to know there's not something I'm missing--the feature simply isn't there.

Also, cswilly, I'm using a Mac, so I'll have to go digging around for the file location of "Custom Dictionary.txt." Even so, I'm not sure I'm brave enough to attempt to edit it if it's locked. But thanks for the input!

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