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Cannot search for certain characters



I use this as a tag: ##

I use this tag as that character is easy to quickly type on my mobile device, and easy to find on the desktop to tag after.

I have found what seems to be a bug, in that I cannot search for this character using the most recently updated version of evernote, or evernote legacy.

I can have all notes tagged with ## listed, but I cannot simply search for ##

I have also found that I cannot search for other characters such as $, %, *, etc

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Some special characters can’t be searched, some for being used as wildcards (like * and ? ), some for no obvious reason. Because the # is often used to designate a tag, as the @ is used to identify an address, they probably treat it differently in searches.

In EN the # is not designating a tag.

The way in EN to do what you want to do is to tag notes with a tag you create to tell what needs to be done. Being a tag it is applied to a Note in a way different from being a text. You can filter for a tag, which makes it easier to find a number of notes later than by a search.


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