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Sync? Web version not sync'd to my MacBookPro

Monique Burgess


Have I mistakenly turned off sync?  I use Evernote on a daily basis. My iPhone and MacBookPro are properly synced but Evernote Web version is over 9 months old. I am on the Personal version and up-to-date on my annual payments. My MacBookPro is running Evernote v. 10.25.6

While signed into my account on web version, if I hit the "home" button, I just get a the spinning icon. I've got broadband - speedtest 375 mb upload - 32 mb download. It's definitely not my connection. Using latest version of Chrome for Mac.

Please advise. 



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Hi PinkElephant,

Not sure if it was a Chrome thing, but right after I submitted this topic, I logged into Safari (latest version) and it was perfectly synced. I allowed Chrome to keep spinning. 

When I logged in today to check the settings you mention above, the Chrome Evernote was also perfectly synced! You have the right touch.

and...when I "check for updates" on my client, it says I'm up to date but I'm at 10.25.6 🥴

Thanks for the reply!

Screen Shot 2021-12-15 at 3.46.50 PM.png

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