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Evernote has become too slow over the years

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I've got a new maxed out MacBook Pro 16. Everything in my workflow launches instantly and runs buttery smooth, except Evernote. The app which serves a simple need, note taking, is sluggish (e.g. slow on loading documents, searching, starting up) and draining on the battery. I also felt that Evernote had become too slow on previous devices as well.

Not sure, but guessing the culprits are slow cloud architecture and lack of apple silicon support. Sure it's an electron app, but those can still be very performant and fast. Still the slow loading data puzzles me, most cloud providers have data centers all over the world so latency could've been fast. And for those wondering - my internet is fast, 1GBit in the north of Europe.

Been a fan since 2010, but now I'm outta here. Hope they sort it out for other users!


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@RichiPichie EN still uses Electron 11, the last version that does not support Apple silicon. No idea when EN will update the framework, but I expect it to run a lot faster then.

@pbergman EN runs fine on my iPad Pro 10.5. Maybe you can solve the problem by one of these methods:

Log out, back in

L.o., completely shut the iPad down, wait a little, back on, l.i.

If everything fails, uninstall the app, shut down, and install fresh. After the first login, wait until the initial sync has run.

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