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Evernote Website Account Issue

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Hi.  This is a user 2 user forum supported by volunteers,  so we don't exactly give return-of-email responses.  If you're having an issue with your account,  that's a Support - level query.  I suggest you try them...

Subscribers can raise support queries here - https://help.evernote.com/hc/requests/new and Free users here - https://twitter.com/evernotehelps


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Thanks @PinkElephant  and @gazumpedfor your responses.

@PinkElephantYou are completely right. The thing is... I never posted this (and would never post something so rudely and/or with an SVG attachment). 

So I expect my account to be compromised and the attachment to be suspicious. I did remove it from the post (because it is in my account I can access it) and advise anyone that has opened it to check their device.

I have also updated passwords to prevent this from happening again.


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Thanks for the feedback. I open unknown content on my iPad - which should properly isolate it from the surrounding. In this case I used a design program that will open SVG - probably not the usual way used for intrusion. These typically start with MS, followed by some nice sounding App name …

In case you need it, here is a help document describing what to do:


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