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Can I specify a default account for web clipper?

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Hi, I run an Evernote account for myself. I recently instituted an Evernote account for an organization I am in. I run my account as a desktop version on a PC. The non-profit account I use only the web version.

I love the web clipper, and mostly use for my personal account. However, no matter how many times I set that account in the web clipper, it always defaults back to the non-profit account (for which I rarely use web clipper.) I run two browsers, Edge and Chrome and have installed the web clipper on both. I only open the web account in Edge, but even when using the clipper in Chrome, it defaults to the web only account. I have to log out and log into the proper account every single time I want to use the clipper. 

Is there a way to specify which account web clipper should always use?


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Usually you need to authorize the access through WebClipper for a specific account. Once authorized it will continue to use that account.

When you open WebClipper andthen the settings, it tells the connected account at the top of the settings page. Below it is the option to log out.

Do so, and log into the account you want to use.

A switching between accounts is only provisioned between a personal account and an EN teams account.

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Thank you, agsteele. That was an obvious thing I should have already tried. I'm a little embarrassed...

Anyway, tried it. It turns out that once an account has been opened as a web version, clipper defaults to that account at least on the same browser. It does not matter if there is a different account currently open as a desktop version. If I want to use an account other than the most recently opened web version, then I have to manually change it.

So it appears that the answer to my question is no, I cannot set a default Evernote account for web clipper. Very disappointing.

Thank you both for your help

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I think I misunderstood your question. Whichever account you have logged into in the web clipper will remain the default in the browser.

I think what you want is that the web clipper will follow whichever account you have open on your desktop or in the browser tab. You are correct that this is not the case but it has never been so.

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