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Deleted Note Not In Trash - How to Recover?

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I accidentally deleted a critical note yesterday but it does not appear in the trash.  How can I recover it?

I found this log entry confirming that it was deleted:

17:40:36 [INFO   ] [16132] [2176] UI: deleting note "Internal Pay Scale - Objective Targets" (note list view), by toolbar command
17:40:37 [ERROR  ] [16132] [2176] Unable to load note: uid=8341

I included the following error in case that had anything to do with it.

Is there any backup that might still have the note?  If so, where would I look and how might I proceed?


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If the note is not in the trash, it gets difficult. When the note is completely erased, note history will be gone as well.

Are you sure it is not in the trash ? A standard search will not look in the trash, but the trash can be search separately.

If you have a backup depends on whether you run a backup of your computer. Since you don’t tell about your setup, no idea.

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Hi Pink, Thanks for the reply.  I am quite sure it is not in the trash.  I clicked on the trash where I see all the items I actually deleted, and I can search for keywords in the note like "internal" and nothing shows.  I also found a later log entry saying that Evernote "Expunged local note" which doesn't sound great.

So, I am ready to try difficult!  How do we do it?

I don't do a separate backup of the local Evernote because I though the local copy WAS the backup of the cloud.  I didn't realize that Evernote would expunge my local notes without my permission!  I guess this was the hard way to find out...


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Hi Jon,

That was the second thing I tried after looking in the local trash.  Sadly, it is gone everywhere I seem to have access too.  I was hoping that the Evernote servers might have some sort of backup, but it sounds like not?


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You can ask support, but if a note was deleted, it usually can’t be recovered. Which is a good thing if you wanted to delete it, less so if it was accidental.

You can try support.

If you have a local backup, you could recover from there. Most people running a Mac will have TimeMachine. Sorry for the Windows users …

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Clutching at straws... Could this note have been shared with you from another account? Shared noted don't go to trash when deleted. But they do stay with the owner and, I think, remain available for you to restore to your account. I'm guessing that this isn't the case but worth exploring just in case.

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