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Transferring web format EverNote

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I'm sorry but I'm not having success and still need your help. I've tried to convert this using CloudHQ and what I got were PDF files, not ENEX files. Ultimately I need to transfer these files to OneNote. I'm wondering if the easier way isn't to purchase a month subscription to EverNote as it seems the web format version of this isn't going to transfer. But before I do that, I want to be sure this will work and that I have the proper steps. If I have a regular subscription to EverNote and NOT the web based one, then I can use the OneNote Importer to transfer? Is this accurate?

Thank you so much!


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I am not sure about the Outlook importer. AFAIK Microsoft has abandoned it some time ago.

CloudHQ with regard to EN is made for backups, not for exporting.

EN will export to HTML (which can be opened with every browser) or to ENEX, which in change most other notes programs can read.

This link came up on a Google search - no idea if it is a solid option:


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