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Evernote Mac desktop not updating to show webclipped content

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I use evernote webclipper in Firefox 94.0.2 (64-bit) on my Mac OS 11.6.  Previously when I would bookmark a site and added it to a specific Notebook it would show up a few minutes later.

Now it never shows up unless I quit evernote and launch it again.

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No problem, it shows? But it may take a little, since it does not clip locally. The web clipper sends content through the API, which means it has to be send to the EN server first, and then sync to all clients from there.

You can try this: Hold down the opt/alt key before clicking months help menu of the Mac desktop client. You see a new option „Troubleshooting“. In the submenu behind it, the first menu item is „Reload“, the second „Force reload“. You can use the keyboard shortcut as well.

This should make new server content appear without a need to quit the app.

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