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The aesthetics of the new Evernote vs. Evernote Legacy, when receiving articles (from webpages) captured/clipped via Pocket or Instapaper

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I really like the new Evernote a lot. But the one thing that keeps taking back to Legacy Evernote, again and again, is how the web clipping works, particularly when clipping webpages that carry a lot of text; like an article. I usually save my articles first to Pocket or Instapaper and from there I send them to Evernote. All of that just because the aesthetics and readability is so much better. But this is not true when using the new Evernote. The aesthetics and cleanness (readability) of the new Evernote doesn't compare at all with Evernote Legacy's. I use Evernote mostly to save articles and read them later. So, to me this is a big deal. I would even say a potential deal breaker. 

I've attached here a picture of a comparison of the new Evernote (left side of the pic) and Evernote legacy, after sending an article from Pocket. 

Is there a plan to get the new Evernote to integrate and receive articles/text from Pocket and Instapaper with the same quality and readability of Evernote legacy?


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Just wanted to echo your thoughts on this. I also use it primarily for web clipping and when I clip an article, especially a longer one with multiple paragraphs and formatting it never comes through organically on the current version. Legacy is PERFECT!! Legacy also allows you to make edits much easier, while keeping original format. When you have to convert HTML or whatever with that wand, it totally messes up whatever the current version has grabbed. It was nice just deleting a few sentences or making my own additions to it. I really hope they revert to the original method or continue to keep legacy alive so I can continue to use Evernote. Honestly, the change was a massive step backward for me. At least if they could include a setting to allow the old method or the new one.



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The way from Pocket to EN is not the official process. You can claim it should work better, but you use your own method. I would not expect EN to perform code voodoo to pave the way for this.

The official method is through the EN web clipper. The clipper has not (better only mildly) changed, there was no fundamental new release. Clipped articles show both in legacy and v10.

Personally I like what EN has done with v10: You can decide to keep the original clip, or for better readability (!) simplify it. I like it better than legacy (editing HTML is never a good idea), and it is future proof, no matter what new tricks and traps webdesigners are inventing.

Anybody may see it different - as long as Legacy is around, it is free to use it. One day it will stop working, and that is it.

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I use EN's regular webclipper from Chrome to directly import my articles from the web. I guess that does mean that your articles don't have uniform font/formatting, but I think they're much easier to read than the screenshot from the left. There's also the simplified view which also might be closer to what you're looking for and save you an extra step.

When I clip directly from the web, there is white space between the paragraphs for example, which seems like one of the main things you're lacking right now.

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I keep going back to Legacy for the screen capture clipper (not the web clipper). On the new EN each screen capture immediately converts it to a note. On Legacy, multiple screen captures stay on the clipper window until you’re ready to put it onto a note - this is so much more flexible. i do run both the new EN side by side with Legacy to get the best of both worlds. the only thing I am liking in the new EN atm is Tasks

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