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Web clipper never down loads page unless I stay on page and wait.



I will get into Evernote android app weekly and find it has not completed downloading many clips. 

When I do a web clip often it clips the last clip again instead of the current page. 

I have a samsung note 10. If I have to buy a new phone I will be dropping Evernote and using Notion it works fine. Even Onenote works ok. 

Thanks, Mike 

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Just for the protocol: There is no web clipper on Android. There is the sharing process that produces content, and then there is the EN app that needs to receive it. If a clip goes wrong, it may get stuck and blocks the import routines. If that happens, following clips won‘t import neither.

To solve it, it is usually sufficient to log out of your EN account, and back in. In severe cases it may be necessary in a second step to uninstall and reinstall the app. Clipped content in the import queue gets lost.

To avoid piling up a lot of clips and loose them all, it is sufficient to open the EN app from time to time and allow it to import the clips. Once imported, the clips are save locally in the app on that device.

Depending on the network and on your settings (allow data on mobile ?) it may then take some more time until the clips have synced to the server, and to all other devices in the account.


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Thank you for explaining the flow. I understand now that it is only sharing the screen data. When I do this is actually opens EN everytime. The bad thing about this is I can't go back to browsing until it finishes downloading. If I do it stops download until I return to EN being on top so to speak even if it is open in background. That I feel is what needs to be fixed. As long as app is open it should still be able to do download. 

Thank you for your response. 

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