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Deleted Email Address Associated with my Account

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I've made a pretty unique mistake that I hope doesn't lock me out of my account for good.

I have an Evernote account that is paired with an old email address. I ended up deleting that old email address so that I could use a newer one, and apparently forgot to switch the active email on my Evernote account to the new address. Now that I'm trying to log in to my Evernote account on a new phone, it says 'Password Expired,' and sends link to reset it to an old, now-defunct email address that doesn't even exist, so I can't update the password. I'm effectively locked out of my account.

Is there any possible way I can get back into my account without having to reset the password, or can I update the email address associated with the account? Is there anyone I can contact to help get me back into my account? I have a lot of notes on that account that I'd really hate to lose.

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