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Direct marketing of Evernote notebooks?

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Every note ist sort of a website.

You could try postach.io. It will turn a Notebook into a Blog or website. 

But AFAIK you can’t „sell“ it that way.

Else you can export to HTML or PDF. Exporting several notes into a single PDF requires a Professional subscription. A PDF can be used as an ebook, or be converted into one.

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I agree - Evernote is a great way to collect information for a book,  but page layout is not a feature - you'd need to transfer the content to another app to present it properly - and notes are shared,  or not;  you can't limit access by individual subscription or password.  Self-published e-books might be the way to go - but that's outside our scope in this forum.  Some internet searches for those terms might be helpful.

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It is not our scope, but anyhow 2 tips:

On a Mac, Apple Pages can be used to create and publish ebooks in the ePub format. They have some nice templates to help setting a book layout up.

For a more advanced project, I recommend Affinity Publisher, by Serif. It is available for Windows and Mac, for a reasonable one time purchase. It is semi-professional software, allowing to really produce a print-ready layout (including printers stuff like setting a bleed), but supports electronic formats as well. It has some design and photo editing features as well, allowing everything from creating artwork, advanced typography 'til master pages to handle complex layouts with a unified look & feel. They offer numerous export options, however not the ePub format.

🏃‍♂️ Today (Monday 6th December) they still offer a BlackFriday rebate of 30% off, placing the app at 37,99€.

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