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Offline notes download frozen @ 95%

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Hi, I've asked this question to EN support, with no luck

I'm downloading notes to work offline ( aprox 20 gb, 11000 notes in only one notebook ) by leaving the iPad mini 6 all time powered, screen on and the app running in foreground.

After 2 days, it downloaded 95% ( as per the green line ) but the remaining is not being downloaded.

Anybody knows a way to identify the note/s not yet downloaded? If I could identify them, I may probably change them ( it's annoying not see the Process finished, I've downloaded the notes before succesfully)

Thanks for your thoughts, Claudio

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Hmmn.  I don't know what sort of tolerances iPads require on storage space,  but I imagined that it was an external limit that might be causing your issue - either space or download limits on the network connection.  If you still have 12GB free I would not have thought space was the issue. I don't use an iPad so I have no experience to guide you - maybe wait for another user to comment.  Seems to me it should be OK to continue using the iPad to work even though the download is still happening - if you find that some notes are unavailable offline you'll be able to see which ones are incomplete.  If you work in airplane mode for a while,  you'd be able to get network access back quickly if you find you need it.  To answer your original question - I don't know any way to identify specific notes.  Sorry!

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It is at least a probable cause. Maybe try to ask support.

You can use the iPad anyhow. Just don’t log out of the account you downloaded. It will try to download the rest whenever you open the EN app. Maybe it just needs to sort something out, and will by itself start downloading again.

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I don't have a solution, but I can sympathize.

I have about  6000 notes in one notebook and in repeated attempts over years I  never been able to fully download them. The download stalls indefinitely somewhere in the process, green bar only partly across. I have let it run for days with no further progress.   Like you, I have ample storage. Like you, I've tried support without success.

Occasionally, even notebooks of trivial size can stall or take days to complete.

The workaround I use now is to export my Evernote notes and import them into the Apple Notes app.  This doubles the storage needed, but it does let me read copies of my notes when offline.  I re-export from time to time to refresh the copies. (I have also used Joplin and Keep It as alternative repositories with some success - both seem reliable offline.)

I have thought about fracturing the large notebook into smaller ones, and then re-fracturing the ones that fail to download.  I suppose this would eventually isolate troublesome notes, but  I don't have the patience for it.



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Thanks Skkippy 

many times  before I was able to download all notes , but sometimes not ( with different ipads)

it’s frustrating , I need to have the notes available offline,and I guess it’s a concern for EN support not yet able yo solve it ( the unfamous electron platform may be ? IT is not my specialty)

I may give a last chance , delete the app start the download again  and wait other 3-4 days …… 

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