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recovering deleted password-encrypted text? please help!

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I have one Note where all of the text is password-encrypted, using it store sensitive info like passwords, etc. And today, while I was attempting to trigger the password prompt by clicking on the encryption block, my finger must have also brushed over the spacebar, because the block (= encrypted text placeholder) just suddenly disappeared! Undo-ing the action didn't help, so now I'm just staring at a blank note that previously held a massive amount of very important information. I'm using the free version of Evernote but still hoping there's something I can do to recover that text? I mean, you shouldn't be able to permanently delete a password-encrypted block of text with a single keystroke (without even typing in the password)....right? Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions? Thank you!!

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Hi.  All devices and operating systems have an 'undo' function built in and in moments like this it's best to mash whatever option you have at the time.  After the event,  you may begin to see the benefit of being a subscriber,  with access to email and chat help systems and a 'Note History' feature that would roll back the note to a pre-deleted state.  I also keep a separate local backup of my database in case of issues like this.  If the information is vital it may be worth it to you to upgrade your account - even if only for a month - to be able to access https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001858027

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