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Bewildered by email from Evernote



I got an email from Evernote today that is pictured in the file that I attach. I have no idea what the four-letter word could be. Is it a curse word of some kind? If so, I could not think of any that fit. Please help, neither me or anyone I know can figure this out.


Screenshot 2021-12-02 192209.png

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A four letter word in English means any sort of swearing. If you look at words you may use to vent your emotions, many of them are made from 4 letters.

If I post some of them here, they would be replaced by **** this. Let‘s give it a try: Meeting hell. Meeting *****. ***** meeting.

See, the 4-letter-filter at work … no idea why it uses 5 stars ?

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@John1812 I think I detect a tongue stuck firmly in your cheek. I, too, was bemused by the Email. I put the heading down to someone in marketing trying to write clever copy. I read the associated article which didn't take me far either. 

Thankfully it isn't a technical issue and no electrons were harmed when I deleted the message ;)

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