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Slowness of evernote.com

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Here's my situation . . . my employer does not allow Evernote to be downloaded to work PCs. This means I have to access it via Evernote.com.  My problem is that Evernote.com can take a full minute to just load up a note so I can read it.  That is too slow for my purposes. So . . . what solutions are there? What can I do to use Evernote without the slowness of Evernote.com?

Please let me know.  Thanks.

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Maybe your employer is limiting access by other means as well.

My average note (which is a little text plus an attachment, most times a pdf) takes appr. 2-4sec to load when I use the web client. Only with attachments in the MB-range it takes a little longer, but still far below 10sec.

This is consistently so, even when I scroll far down and open a note I am sure was never before opened on that actual machine and client.

So maybe check your office network connection.

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I would guess at the route from your office to the Evernote.com servers.

I occasionally have slow responses with the web browser which I can almost always trace to a changed route introduced by my ISP. At one point it was also due to cacheing that was talking an age to refresh.

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