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"Capture screen" clipper not working in Windows 11

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EN brings its own helper, that will install in the taskpad (if Win 11 still has it …). The helper has options to grab a crosshairs section, a single window or the whole screen. This is how grabbing to EN works.

No idea about the general screenshot feature of Win 11.

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Well, not using Windows 11 myself, and having no plans to do so I really have no idea.

But if it worked with Win10 and stopped with Win11, to me it sounds like a Windows (update) problem. I have read a lot about Win11 being more a beta than a release software. Maybe they just have not implemented it (yet).

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I think for quite some time now the old screenshot tool (Alt-Ctrl-S) has been replaced with the new Shift-Win-S. Maybe you try this key combination?

With the new tool you can make rectangle shots, but also polygon or freeform.

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@Alanbarker - I just got a Windows 11 machine, and I'm experiencing the same problem. My Windows 7 and Mac can still do the region capture. Were you able to fix it by any chance? I'd appreciate any ideas you might have. I use this feature more than any other. The Windows snipping tool (ctl + alt + S) is a pain, and doesn't allow direct import into Evernote as I'm sure you've discovered. Thanks!


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This is a problem created by Microsoft. Win 11 intercepts the screen capture.

There isn't a fix yet. I'm using Win+S then pasting into a note. Not quite the old Evernote screen capture but close enough for me.

A fix will depend on either Microsoft sitting out its changes or Evernote Devs working out what has changed in Win 11 and rolling out a fix. Either way I'm not expecting a speedy resolution.

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