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Cannot rollback to early version

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I just got upgraded to get a personal account today. As I tried to restore a version from a week ago, I click on the link but could only see the current version. Does evernote not save any versions before the day you upgrade to a paid member?



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Evernote does save fully synced changes to all notes in all types of account,  but there are exceptions - it is possible forinstance (I believe) to 'lose' the update history by moving a note between notebooks.  If a recent history was unavailable on this specific note,  you could try contacting Support for help.  (We're mainly other users around here...)

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EN has note history running for all accounts all of the time. There may be a specific reason - as pointed out by @gazumped - why the note you were viewing won‘t show the history.

Experiences may differ - I had no problem with an erased note history after moving a note to another notebook. Note history was still intact.

However if you copy a note to another notebook, the new copy will not carry the note history information, since it is a new note.

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