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Full-text search in Evernote offline

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Hello. Can I use full-text search (not only in headers) in Offline notes and folders if I not connected to the Internet?  In a Desktop and Android App (of course when I have payed subscription). Want to migrate to Evernote from Wiznote. It doesn't have this feature, it can search in a full-text only if connected to the Internet. Thanks.

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In general yes.

You need to choose once „Keep data on leaving the app“ in the app settings to build a local database on the desktop.

There are restrictions on the mobile clients: You need to decide which notebooks you want to use offline and load them from the server. If your device memory allows for it you can load all. And currently search inside of attachments is not working when offline.

For more detailed search there is the advanced search syntax. For full Boollean search you need a Professional subscription.

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