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Notebook deleted // How to find out why?

Oliver F.


Dear all,

since today I am missing an important notebook in Evernote Legacy. I but I found all notes in my trash.

I am not sure, how this could happen. Is there something like log, which I can use to find out, what happend?

Best Regards,


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There usually is an activity log, running in the background. I think you can reach it through the help menu. If it does not show up there, there are advanced options available. Since you don‘t tell which OS and client you use, we can‘t tell how-to.

It may be difficult to interpret the log. In this case you can ask support to look into it.

The most likely reason however is that you deleted the notebook yourself, maybe by accident. If a notebook is deleted, the notes inside are moved to the trash. You can create a new notebook replacing the deleted one, and restore the notes from the trash to it.

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