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Evernote web client is painfully slow on Google Chrome on Ubuntu

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Hi.  I believe the web client is pretty slow on anything - have you tried different browsers?  Locations?  (i.e. maybe with a better internet connection)

There is a Linux Beta client which seems like it might be released soon (for Evernote values of 'soon') or you could join the beta program...

Depending on what you're doing,  subscribers can send content to Evernote by email,  and there are Clippers to grab web content,  and you could shut down everything else on your device apart from the browser to maximise the resources available - but other than basic common sense there are no 'hacks' as such...


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Thanks for the suggestions! I realized that the issue is with a particular note that I update frequently. I can edit that note with no issues on the mobile app but the web client just becomes sluggish when I try to edit that particular note. 

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It is critical in v10 if a mostly text note is updated often, growing and growing.

To speed up duplicate the note from time to time, delete what you won’t need any more and start with the fresh note. This cuts note history as well, which may be a cause for performance issues when note and more versions are added.

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1 hour ago, james_mcnally said:

I have a 340mbps connection and the cursor lags like 10+ seconds when I type anything in a note. It's actually funny that there's a product team who is like "yeah that's acceptable." 

Nothing in this thread so far suggests that anyone else has that level of issue. Have you tried Support?  Anything?

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Evernote works quickly for me (fedora web client). But none of my notes are particularly long. Maybe this one note you're having problems with has some strange content. This could be of interest to support. 

v10 seems to be slow in some cases for all platforms. as far as i know, nobody has yet been able to put their finger on the exact cause. People with large amounts of notes seem to have this issue more often and very large notes tend to lag too.

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I have the exact same problem. I'm using Chrome on Ubuntu 20.04 and so far, although it always had some performance issues, it was ok to work with.

Since the last update it is almost impossible to work with. When I type I have to wait seconds for characters to appear and I hear the fan of my laptop going nuts. It is painfully slow and sluggish. I have a note with my todo list and it is only around 380 lines of text. There's no reason this should be that extremely slow.

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