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Changes to notes are not being saved



What's happened? Evernote is not saving my changes now. I make changes, press the "save" checkmark icon. Close the Evernote and I'll get a msg that either says, "note was not changed", or "note was not saved". When I reopen, sure enough, the changes were lost. I lost quite a bit of info during a change/update to a note. In subsequent trials, loss of info/changes kept occurring. I am using version 8.13.3. I am paying for Evernote Personal subscription.

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You are using the legacy version of EN, which is declared end of life. So using it is in general your personal risk.

You are on Android, and maybe you installed an update or an upgrade to Android 11 recently. There have been reports in the forum that EN Android legacy may not be compatible with Android 11.

If this is the case, maybe you find a fix when you search the forum. Else you need to upgrade to EN v10.

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