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(Archived) Email notes with associated information

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I was wondering whether it is possible to include associated information (e.g. tags, notebook, creation date, etc.) when sending an email from Evernote. I want to use the email feature to send notes to followupthen.com and have them sent back to me as a reminder on a specific date. Unfortunately, for many of my notes, the tags provide most of the information about what context this note belongs to, and without knowing the context the note itself may be pretty meaningless.

Is it at all possible to automatically include tags when sending via email? Or can someone think of an easy workaround?

any help greatly appreciated

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Thanks for the link, but I'm actually trying to do the opposite thing: I want to email FROM evernote ( and NOT into evernote).

Let's assume the following example:

I have a note in evernote:

Title: confirm participants

tag: christmas party

The note doesn't contain any other text, but since it's tagged as belonging to "christmas party", I know who to call in order to confirm the participants.

I want to email this note from within Evernote to 1week@followupthen.com in order to remind me next week that I need to confirm the participants for the christmas party. Unfortunately, evernote doesn't include the tags in the email, and all I get reminded of is the title "confirm participants". How am I supposed to know whether I need to confirm participants for the christmas party, the business meeting or the movie evening?

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No, we currently include the title of the note and the body of the note, but we don't include any tags that you assigned to the note in the email. This is partially for privacy ... your categorizations may not be relevant to the recipients (e.g. the "AnnoyingPeople" tag).

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Understood. Thanks for info.

Would you possibly consider including tags in emails as a future option (such that the user can decide whether or not to include tags)?

your categorizations may not be relevant to the recipients (e.g. the "AnnoyingPeople" tag).

One could argue that the "AnnoyingPeople" tag is particularly relevant to the recipient... :wink:

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Hi Dave,

can I extend this feature request a little bit?

Apparently, not many people use Evernote to forward their EN notes to other people or webservices via email, and therefore the emailing facilities are quite rudimentary. I would find it very useful to have slightly more options when sending emails from EN. As stated earlier in this thread, all the associated information (such as tags, creation date, source URL) would be very important to have. However, even more important would be an option to send the email in plaintext rather than html. Also, some sort of address book would be quite useful.

I was a bit puzzled when I found that the email function in the EN for web is very different from the email function in EN for Windows. For example, EN for web remembers previously used email addresses, but EN for Windows doesn't. EN for Windows allows me to change the email subject before sending, but EN for web doesn't allow for that. I guess it would be less confusing if EN for Web and EN for Windows would behave identically.

I understand that this is surely not a foremost priority, but on the other hand I would assume that's it's not overly complicated to implement options to include tags and send notes as plain text to previously saved email addresses.

This would enable users to easily forward notes to other webservices (e.g. Remember the Milk) via their email interpreter and not having to copy and paste manually.

It would be great if you could consider this functionality for future versions of EN.



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Perhaps slightly related, I would like to have a history of emailing that was done with a note included in that note's history.

Bernar, what do you think of this:

1) I know the due date for an action, I email the note in to EN and CC followupthen

2) If I am setting the due date after capturing, I email followupthen out of EN

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