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Major lag adding filter tags while searching notes



I know there are several posts regarding EN slow functioning recently. I've read several. In my case on one computer with EN version 10.25.6 while searching notes via Add Filters by adding Tags, the program has a noticeable lag and the search dialog box kind of hazes for a while. It does finally come up with choices to select after about 3 or 4 seconds. On a second nearby windows computer with EN version 10.11.5 the response while searching is immediate. There is no noticeable lag or hazing out.

Any ideas?

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Personally I have not noticed a lag (running 10.25 on a Mac).

EN 10.11 is far outdated, and I think they changed the database structure in between, to add the Tasks section to it. Since there have been a lot of bug fixes as well, 10.11 is nothing I would continue to run. It may be fast(er), but it might damage your data as well.

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Evernote 10.25.6 suffers dreadfully from lag on my Mac running 11.6 (20G165) (Big Sur) — exporting notes to PDF, dragging and dropping notes to Notebooks etc — like it's having to work everything in the cloud and therefore takes it time . . .  DropBox however has none of these issues, or iCloud . . .    

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