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Confusing email to non Evernote users when assigning them a Task

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I am not against Evernote trying to get more users (I love it) but in assigning task to non users the email does not clearly state the options of click the linked task or select "View in Evernote".  Someone not familiar with getting task will most likely click the "View in Evernote" and once done they are prompted though setting up a free account but even if done it is not easy to get back to the original task.  If they go back to the received email the option of selecting the task no longer works.  From the non users I have attempted to send task they say it is confusing which does not bode well for enticing them to become Evernote users.  To be honest I would suggest they remove the "View in Evernote" button from opening email and state to click the task link.  They get the option to join Evernote upon completion of the task which is a better "sell" time than at the receipt of the email.  Just my thoughts...

Screen Shot 2021-11-22 at 1.43.28 PM.png

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