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I have been charge in what I believe is an error. 

I am desperately trying to find a page where I can contact Evernote but even if it says Contact Us it does go to various support options but I cannot find a contact form or Email.

Does anyone know if there is a secrete page where it is possible to contact Evernote support?

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49 minutes ago, gazumped said:


For general payment issues see

NB for iTunes payments please contact them direct.

Payments in India - https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/139232-issues-with-web-based-subscriptions-for-users-in-india/




Thank you, I tried to follow the link. It logs me out, then when I log in again I am taken to the web based version of Evernote.

If Evernote was serious about good customer service, they would make a button "Contact Support", very clearly, for instance on the account page.

I am constantly being sent from one page to another where I have to log in but no Contact Support.

But thank you for trying to help out. 

Also, a big PS to Evernote: Other cloud system send out an email before renewal reminding people about the renewal, I did not get any mail from you, and it was not in my calendar because I am convinced I had already canceled the subscriptions. Had I received a reminder, then I could have checked the status.

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