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Answer based on the iPad client - since you don’t name a specific client, I use what is in my hands at this moment.

1) Cornell notes are a standard template in the EN templates gallery. Just use the search template function, type „cor“ - you see only one template, the one your want.

Mindmaps won’t work as a note. EN notes are based on a flavour of HTML - this does not support mindmapping. Add a Sketch, draw a mindmap, or (better) use a mindmapping tool, and attach the file.

2) You can annotate every Photo using the annotate function. Sketch currently does not support a photo as background, and I somehow doubt they will add this as a feature. Sketch has a pretty indefinite canvas, a photo is always limited in its dimensions. Putting this aside, it would for sure be nice if it could be done.

3) No idea what you mean. Free floating text boxes are not supported by the note format (see above). If you want it boxy, add a table.

4) Open the note, tap on the 3 dots top right, choose note information. Note size, word and character count is right there.

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