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Recurring Tasks are a MUST

Wichita State Shocker


Certain tasks occur on a regular basis and can't afford to forget them.  Examples

- Every 1st day of the month

- Every last day of the month

- The 15th of every month.

-  Every Saturday

If TASKS are going to rise above the primitive (Kindergarten level), then recurring tasks are required.  If EN wants uses to stay in the EN "world" and not jump out to a "Tasks Manager"  (eg.Todoist)  Then give it some maturity.

**  When recurring tasks are implemented, then recurring reminders are needed and they should be independent of recurring tasks.

Low-level tasks just need a reminder but they don't rise to the level needing to be "checked off" every day.  

For example.  "Work out at the gym".  I just need a reminder.  But, its not so big that I need to actually check it off every day.   To set that up, let me create a task with no date and a recurring "reminder".



And Go -  Wichita State Shockers


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This is literally a go/no-go for tasks for me.

I will be unable to use tasks in Evernote as a task management system until and unless that’s a feature.

That said, I can understand why for some folks the added feature might be a deal breaker.

But for me, it’s a solid “yes, please, and thank you.”

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