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How can I sync only from Evernote Android to Evernote Web/Windows please?



I can't see any of my images in the notes in Evernote Web or Evernote Windows (1), but I can see them perfectly in Evernote Android on my mobile (Samsung S6).

I can see the thumbnails on Evernote for Windows.

I've tried everything to resolve the issues with Evernote Windows, but to no avail.

Therefore, is there anyway I can sync specifically from Evernote Android to Evernote Web/Windows, but not the other way back?

I'm concerned that if I just use the regular sync, which I understand is two-way, it will also delete the images from my Evernote Android.


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Sync is always through the EN server, and it is always bidirectional.

You can check on the web client if everything has synced to the EN server.

If your Windows (1) should have meant Windows 11, there are other threads in the forum about problems with Win11. Maybe search for them and look if somebody has a similar problem, and may even have posted a fix.

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From what I see it doesn't work on Android. I have had the same problem for many months and no one gives me an answer, they just ask me again and again to check this or that. I've done everything imaginable and it doesn't work. I have installed it on numerous employee and contractor phones and it does not sync. Evernote does not give me the steps to follow to solve it so I interpret that they do not know the solution. The only thing that can be done on Android is to use the Legacy version but they say that in a while it will stop working and that would end the possibility of using it on Android. The thing is serious.

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Thank you for the responses.

Apologies, I meant Windows 10.

I've been pulling my hair out for another few weeks trying to get the images to show.

I've been using Evernote to store photos for years and now am highly regretting it as I can't view them on my Windows 10 Evernote app. I suppose the takeaway from my situation is never ever to depend on any third party, particularly one that provides absolutely no customer support whatsoever.

Does anybody have any idea on how I may access my images on my Windows 10 app? I can see the thumbnail of the images on the right, next to the name of each note, but, when I go to the note itself nothing appears, only the text. 

I've re-installed the app many times.

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Tried this already (since you are double posting, there is no consistent thread about what already was done) ?

  1. Go to File > Sign Out [name] from the menu bar.
  2. Select the "Remove my Evernote data from this device" option, then click Sign out.
  3. Restart your computer.
  4. Sign back in to Evernote
Same with uninstalling: If you don’t get rid of every part that was installed, problems will persist.
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