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Is it possible to create a checklist in Evernote without the strikethrough feature?



Is there any way to create a checklist without the strikethrough feature?  This would be really helpful for my food shopping list.  For example, my food list would show all the standard foods items that I generally buy. Before a given trip to the supermarket, I'd place a check mark beside the items that are currently lacking in my kitchen and that I need to buy this week.  When shopping, I could uncheck each item from my list once I've placed it in my shopping cart.  For this type of use the checked item, is the item that is needed, not the item has been completed, so the strikethrough feature is not helpful for this type of to-do list. 

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No, no such option.

Just turn around your way of checking and unchecking, and you are fine.

Or use a different app for shopping - there are better solutions. My shopping app for example has an option to set the quantity measure per item, and then to enter a number of quantities needed.

Some even offer an interface to recipe apps - you plan your week, and you end up with a shopping list, combining all foodstuff from the different recipes into consolidated quantities.

Others offer to sequence the items as they are located in the shop - one way shopping, because you get them presented they way they are placed.

In comparison EN just looks a little pale - which is no surprise, a general tool against specialized apps.

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