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Continuously forced to unsync & now locked out


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I use Evernote on my iphone (v10.21) and web client (on my windows laptop). 

Earlier this week, I sent myself a link to a note, which I mistakenly opened in my iPad.  Since then, every time I access Evernote, on my iphone app or web client, I have been asked to unsync devices.  Each time, I complete the unsync request, leaving only the iphone app & webclient checked off.  Nevertheless, the unsync requests continue.  Now I am locked out of evernote because I have exceeded my unsync requests for the month. 

How can I restore access on the 2 platforms I use?  I do not want to purchase a subscription, the basic free plan provides all the functionality I need.


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Don’t take this as an offense, it just describes the rules set by EN:

  1. Wait for 30 days until it unlocks itself
  2. Subscribe, can be done for a month, lowest level is Personal

In general the unsyncing is not forgiving - if you make a mistake in the unsync strategy, a lock out is often the consequence.

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Thanks for the reply.  It's a bit of extortion - I correctly unsynched each time I was asked, but regardless, the unsync requests kept coming.  If this this kind of creative extortion is evernote's new upgrade strategy, I'd rather export my data and find another note platform.

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I don’t think they strategically want to drive users away. They just had a high number of cases where the Free plans rules were bend and circumvented.

So appr. a year ago they decided to get serious about it, and enforce the plans limits since. Anybody who needs to step over the line (for whatever reason) can unlock by subscribing.

Personally I run a second account on Free, mainly for testing purposes, and up to now have never locked me out of it.

Here is some more about it:

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Thanks, I get it, they want to enforce their terms, and that's their right.  My issue is that I followed the terms - I unsynched so I was only using 2 devices.  But regardless, the unsync requests kept coming.  And that's not right.  In any event, thanks for your time.

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22 minutes ago, NMS said:

It's a bit of extortion

You are,  with all respect,  using a free platform.  There being "no such thing as a free lunch" - you might expect that Evernote will want active users to either pay or leave!

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Well, wait for 30 days … and I wouldn’t call the equivalent of a cup of hot brew a ransom.

It is more like some Indie developers asking you to „buy me a coffee“. In the end, the whole story started with yourself breaching the plans limits („Oh officer, I didn‘t know I can’t go 70 here, haven’t seen the signs …“ won’t do the trick either). And then I think your unsyncing action took a wrong turn somewhere.

Sure, you can dislike EN for getting tough on this, but maybe they hated getting cheated enough to plug the drain. As we discuss things here, they continue to run the servers, pay the utilities and employ people to make sure your notes will still be there when you get at them next.

So it is like sometimes in life: Walk to the next free crossing, 30 days down the river, or pay the ferryman !

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Welll I have read through the answers given by Pink Elephant and would upgrade for one month if I actually had used more than two devices, but I don't have more than two. The third one Evernote identifies is Evernote Web. Don't I need this on my computer which is one of my devices. I am ready to go elsewhere, free or paying. I am certainly not paying Evernote.

Evernote Pop up re 2 devices.docx

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Only a lunatic loads a word document posted by a stranger in a public forum. If you want to tell something, use an inert format like a pdf, not a format that possibly contains a macro virus.

The web client counts as a device, like it or not. I don’t care if you pay or wait, these are equivalent options once somebody got himself locked out. 

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