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Cannot change email address, email already in use



I have two email addresses, one that is about to be discontinued, and a gmail address that has been in use for some time and that I wish to use in future for Evernote.

When I attempt, on a Windows 10 PC, to change my email address to the Gmail address I get a dialog stating that "This email address is already in use." This does not allow me to change the email address. Evernote information emails continue to arrive in my old account.

I also cannot change the email address under iOS, because I am informed that it does not conform to Google current security processes.

My account is quite a few years old and I suspect that it may have been originally created under a Google sign in, as I get the occasional "sign in with Google" prompt which I cannot seem to  circumvent.

Can someone please help me change to the gmail address as I am worried that when my old email disappears I will be unable to access my Evernote data or maintain my account.

Many Thanks

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