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Duplicating notes ends in all notes view, not in duplicated note

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A while ago there has been an EN update that changed the way notes are duplicated.

I can't say what release it was, because it is impossible to search with Strg-F on the evernote release note site, because there the bad habit was used to let all release notes disappear in collapsible and expandable areas.

The title says it: If you duplicate a note, you don't end in the new duplicated note, but in the all notes view.

Can you change it to the former habit: Duplicate a note and ending in that duplicated note.

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Posting here will do nothing to get a change done.

To correct your observation:

When you duplicate a note - be it from the middle panel, be it from inside the note in the right panel or by the menu - the duplicate is created and (usually, depends on the sorting logic) added on top of the notes list.

The position of the blue marker (active note) is however moved to the note right below the one that was marked and duplicated. It ends up 1 note down the list.

To get this changed (eventually ...), issue a support ticket.

If I remember it correctly, the change they made on duplication was about the title - they added something like "Copy 1" to the duplicate, to make it clear which is the master and which is the copy. This can be important, for date fields and note history.

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